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Symphony Innovate Asia 2018

Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 will bring together 200 industry-leading IT and financial executives, developers, and thought-leaders from across Asia to discuss how technology is shaping the way work is done across the financial services industry.


Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 Hackathons

Join talented developers for a day of innovation. Network with others in your industry to learn best practices for innovative workflow solutions. Symphony will be hosting three hackathons on Tuesday, 5 June, prior to the inaugural Innovate Asia conference, in Tokyo, Singapore, or Hong Kong.

Past Events


Breaking the mold for resolving trade breaks

Stuff happens. Like trade breaks. Question is: how do you resolve them efficiently to avoid real breakdowns that can slow down trading desks and middle office teams?


Why are Firms Choosing Symphony as their AIM Replacement?

AOL Instant Messenger recently announced the AIM platform will be decommissioned on December 15. Learn first hand why over 200 companies trust Symphony for secure and compliant communication.


Innovate 2017

At Symphony Innovate 2017, we will bring together 500 industry-leading IT and financial executives, engineers, and thought-leaders from around the world to discuss how technology enables the Power of Community for the financial services industry and beyond.


Innovate 2016

Revisit the diverse ideas and visions behind the future of work held at the Dream Downtown in New York, NY on October 6, 2016.