What happens when the world's largest financial institutions create a way to communicate more efficiently and securely?


Secure Seamless Communication

Symphony’s open-source messaging and workflow platform delivers a seamless communication hub for streamlining access, enhancing collaboration, bolstering productivity, and connecting to a robust professional community.

Redefine Professional Communication

No longer struggle to find, respond to, and collaborate on emails, presentations and documents – when you can access and interact in one secure environment.

Secure Email, Chat and Messaging Capabilities

Designed for the exchange of high-value content, Symphony combines encrypted email and messaging into one secure environment. Stay connected with your professional and personal communities while ensuring the integrity and privacy of your conversations and documents with end-to-end encryption.

Seamless Collaboration

Symphony is built around an open-source framework. It’s a living, breathing environment that is adaptable and responsive—while remaining secure and within regulatory guidelines and safeguards.

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"Symphony responds to a pressing need across the industry for better methods of communication and collaboration. We are pleased by the support from many of the world’s most prominent financial firms, which speaks to the strong desire for a more open, secure, compliant and efficient communication platform."

Darren Cohen, Goldman Sachs

Elements of Security

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We keep you one step ahead - always.


Authenticated Key Exchange on every message sent.


Symphony delivers communications compliance and safeguards while improving productivity and broadening your reach.

Encryption, in motion and at rest

All data transported and stored within Symphony is SSL encrypted.

Data safety

No one can access your information other than you and the people you're communicating with. Plus data deletion is guaranteed.

Total transparency

Authenticated Key Exchange on every message sent.

Multi-level support

Symphony is built on a layered security model for data at rest and in motion.

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